Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Geek Squad

The geeks shall inherit the earth.

How cute are these two?

Attention! The chess club will meet at 3:15 to have their yearbook photos taken! If this conflicts with your gaming club meeting, please see Mr. Tom or Mr. Lorenzo after homeroom to get a slip.

Model: Brittany Oldehoff

We're torn on this look.

We like it, for the most part. It's sporty and it's got some nice details.

And it fits her well, for the most part.

And while we like the seam placements, they're not executed as well as they could be.

But what really bothers us about this look is that it's supposed to be a signature look, put together with the highest budget of any PR challenge ever. Does this look like 500 bucks worth of fabric and 2 days of work to you? It's nice enough, but it just doesn't go there.

Model: Alexis Broker

And yet, strangely, they brought their A game to their B garment.

Models: Lorena Angjeli, Alexis Broker

We really love this look. It's a great (and instantly recognizable) interpretation of the original look. We really like the idea of that sporty jacket paired with a little black dress.

Although to be honest, the dress could have used a bit more loving attention.

But in looking over the looks for this episode, we've been getting frustrated because it looks like most of the teams just banged out a B look without putting too much thought and work into it. Not the geek squad, though. They really thought about it and turned out a look that's in some ways better than their A look. That jacket could have used a lining, though.

Tim Gunn's Workroom:

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Valentino Spring 2010 Haute Couture

Your daily dose of fashion weirdness.


“Hidden Eden” was the name the design duo of Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli gave to the collection, an evocative display of naturalistic fashion and quivering clothes.

In a show and collection that neatly juxtaposed technology and nature, the two defining materials were telling – soft chiffon and hard sharkskin, or to use its technical term, galuchat. These two were combined in one remarkable jacket, a curvy biker jacket that had lots of chutzpah and a cashmere trim. Think cashmere cruisin’ couture.

This Roman design duo could certainly not be faulted for failing to take risks. They even invented a new garment, a single sleeve jump suit with a hint of a tunic, which they christened the “jump dress.” Later they whipped up a super multicolored pastel feather jacket that had “cover shoot” written all over it.

Throughout the look was ethereal, the models wafting by between the twisting trees, the yellow, rose and flesh hues of the clothes mirrored by technical versions of the same colors on the screen.

“Elongated insects,” was how Piccioli termed the lean look and silhouette he and Chiuri wanted models to have on the catwalk."

Yes. Woman as insects. There's your selling point.

We don't know, kittens. We had negative reactions to this one. For one, it feels like a shoving of the Valentino name into a box it doesn't fit in. But even if the house of Valentino wants to rebrand itself as edgy and Rodarte-like, that still doesn't make the following garments any prettier or more interesting. In fact, so heavily Rodarte-inspired do these garments seem, that it almost doesn't look like a couture collection at all, let alone one from such an established name. There are definitely some interesting pieces here but they're overshadowed by two things: the color story, which we don't like at all, and the styling, which we HATE. Every girl looks exactly the same. Combine that with the bizarre makeup and the blindfolds and the idea of woman as elongated insects and we have to say, we come away with the impression that this is not a very woman-friendly aesthetic.


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