Monday, November 30, 2009

Yea or Nay: Cracked-Out Sweaters

Although to be honest, we're not sure they can be called sweaters at all. More like ambitious scarves.

These are from Korean designer Wooyoungmi's fall 2009 collection. Lorenzo loves them. Tom's not so sure he'd want to be standing next to him in public should he ever decide to wear one.

Okay, that's not true. We're both in agreement that from a design perspective; a purely aesthetic point of view, these are all certainly eye-catching and interesting. Because really, that's the only way you can look at these. You certainly can't bring functionality into the discussion.

We don't know who would wear something like this but one thing's for sure: they won't be waving their hands in the air like they just don't care.


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Harper's Bazaar Russia: Dita Von Teese

In which we discuss some fabulosity and also say something slightly offensive.

The singular Dita Von Teese did what she does best (dressing up and posing) for the Harper's Bazaar Russia December 2009 issue, photographed by Marcin Tyszka. Let's take a look, shall we?

Elie Saab Fall 2009 Couture Collection

Christian Lacroix Fall 2009 Couture Collection
Model: Vlada Roslyakova

Givenchy Fall 2009 Couture Collection [Dior Fall 2009 Couture/Gaultier Paris]
Model: Mariacarla Boscono

Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2009 Couture Collection
Model: Magdalena Frackowiak

Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2009 Couture Collection
Model: Liu Wen

Valentino Fall 2009 Couture Collection [Dior Fall 2009 Couture]
Model: Anna de Rijk

The clothes are gorgeous and perfectly suited for her but something's a little off here. She looks too posey-posey and the shots just aren't as dramatic as the both the clothes and the model require. We think it might be the photographer at fault here because Dita never had a problem having her picture taken before.

Okay, and now the slightly offensive part. We realize that this look is her signature look and she'd be nothing without it, but she's getting awfully close to the date where she's going to age right out of it. You can pull off that retro burlesque thing in your 20s and 30s, but in your 40s? It's gonna have the stink of desperation. She's not there yet, but she's definitely lost the dewy quality she used to have. Don't get us wrong, we're not saying that a woman's desirability ends when the first digit becomes a 4, but it's not always a good idea to be working the same look for over 15 years, especially when it's such a distinct look. We figure the expiration date is somewhere within the next 5 years. After that, she'll be entering Ann Miller territory.

[Images: TheFashionSpot/Tarsha/]

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Ripping the Collections: Irina - Part 1

Alright, bitches. We're all well rested, so let's get to this.

The thing is, hate us if you want, but we really love this collection; more each time we look at it, in fact. For all the talk of how low the talent level was this season in comparison to previous seasons (talk with which we don't entirely disagree), we think this collection could stand next to any of the previous winning collections and hold its own. Sure, she could have used more color, although we're not entirely in agreement on that chez T Lo. Lorenzo loves the collection as is and Tom thinks while there's nothing inherently wrong with so much black, it served to lessen the impact of some of the amazing detail on the pieces.

Let's start the show. If you're a hater, you might want something to bite down on.

After an intro like that, you thought we were going to rave about every piece, right? Well, we hated this look. It's a strong opener, but when you look at the rest of the collection, a bit of a head-scratcher. Sure it fits thematically, but the severity of this look is off the chart in comparison to the rest of the collection. Too stiff and shiny and textured. Too weird for weirdness' sake. We absolutely hate how it sticks out so stiffly near the bottom. Forget about sitting down in this thing.

Now this, we loved. So much detail here that you really need to stop and take a look to see it all. Love the proportions and the softness of the look, which stands in stark contrast to that armor-like opening piece. And we're gonna say it: we love the hats.

Another piece showcasing some amazing technical work. It skirts right up to the border of overworked, but the simple silhouette and neckline along with the lack of color, keep it from veering into that territory. The gloves really make it.

We absolutely love the top half of this and wish she could have left it there, as a jacket. It's soft and luxurious-looking. Unfortunately, she went coat length and the instantly screwed up the proportions. Worse, it makes the model look quite a bit bigger than she actually is, which is of course a big no. Still, we do love that collar and those sleeves.

Sometimes, what a designer thinks is their signature piece, isn't. Some other piece captures the crowd's imagination and for Irina's collection, that would be this one. Partially it's because it's not black, which is a relief, and partially it's because it was the perfect combination of look + model, but mainly it's because it's a fantastic piece, full stop. Again, love the sleeves and the collar/hood. And while we are COMPLETELY talked out over the whole t-shirt text controversy (and hope that you are too), we think pairing this luxurious sweater with a t-shirt was a bold idea that paid off. Love those closures she used.

CLUNK. We're assuming this is faux fur (looks like it). She clearly doesn't have the facility with this material that she does with the heavy knits. This just looks shapeless and colorless and unflattering.

Okay, we're gonna say something about Kalyn that was weighing on us all season. She's a pretty girl and there's no reason to think she can't be a successful model, but to our eyes, she doesn't look like a fashion model. She's got the conventionally pretty, beauty queen looks that would make her perfect for say, hair products and makeup modeling. She's just not striking enough for runway walking. Nothing illustrates this more than this look, which was Irina's surprise 13th-look. Why she picked this look for Kalyn to wear is a mystery to us. She can't pull off the edgier stuff. Blow out her hair and put her in one of those fluffy sweaters and she's your girl.

As for the look, love the lower half, but the upper half is WAY overworked. We hate the silhouette from the side and the way it makes her look like her boobs are blooming from a flower. Plus, the fit up top is weird. We no likey.

[Photos: - Video: Youtube/myLifetime]

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