Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Giorgio Armani Spring 2010

It's gorgeo! This fulfills our pun quota for the week. misses the point:

"The show started off predictably enough with a jacket: a sharp, narrowly cut red, blue, and white houndstooth number, worn over a deep plunge-front top, loose-fitting pants cropped above the ankles, and flat sandals. Lots more jackets followed, some with origami-like pinches and folds at the upper arm (a subtle way to do the bold shoulder). Others were woven together from delicate ribbon, and still more glinted with allover crystal embroidery. They were worn with that casual (not-quite-a-) sweatpant or baggy pleat-front skorts.

It was mostly after-dark where the color came in. In tune with the season, Armani kept everything above the knee, adding panels of multicolor sequins to the bodices of fuchsia and royal blue taffeta numbers and beading every square centimeter of others. That should please the party set tremendously. They'll simply trade in the flat sandals the models wore on the runway for spiked heels. "

We almost want to skip discussing this collection just to focus in on that last sentence. In an age where designers seem to be heading towards the inevitability of models walking the runway on stilts, Giorgio (we're on a first-name basis in our heads) had the balls to have all his models walk in flats. In flats, darlings! That's practically revolutionary! Bravo, Signore. And it worked quite well for the collection, which has an easy, breezy chicness to it. We don't love every piece (way too many Wilmas), but we do love the color story. And come on, He's Giorgio frigging Armani, for Christ's sake. Like we're going to say he's doing it wrong?

Watch the show:

[Photos: WireImage - Videos: YouTube/ErichBen]

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Fierce Style by Christian Siriano

It's another contest, darlings! Who takes care of you?

Christian Siriano continues his quest to be queen of all media with the release of his new book, "Fierce Style - How to Be Your Most Fabulous Self."

According to the press release, "...[H]e helps readers discover how to look, feel, and act fierce in everyday life. With tips from some of fashion and Hollywood's biggest names -including Victoria Beckham, Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, and Vanessa Williams -- along with gorgeous original sketches by Christian, never-before-heard stories, and behind-the-scenes photos, he tells his journey of developing his own fashion sense and overcoming obstacles to success.

Giving advice on creating personal style, sharing tips on building self-confidence, and revealing his own list of fashion dos and don'ts, Christian shows how to use one's unique strengths to get ahead - and go from tickity-tack to totally flawless."

It's a fierce book with fabulous original photographs by Christian's boyfriend, Brad Walsh, who is a great photographer, plus tons of sketches by Christian. There's also a foreword by Tim Gunn, who signs it with "Yours in fabulosity, Tim Gunn."

Because we are so very connected, we have 5 copies of the book to send out to lucky winners. Here's how you can win it: Send us an email ( at 5 pm (Eastern) tomorrow, October 1st with the subject line "I want to be FIERCE!" and include your name and mailing address.


We'll draw five out of the first 30 emails we receive out of our little velvet bag. Unfortunately, only residents of the U.S. or Canada are eligible to win.

Christian will of course be touring to flog his book and to get all the news on that, follow the Fierce Style Facebook page. If you don't win tomorrow, click here to find out where you can buy the book.

EDITED TO ADD: We are already receiving emails on this and they're all going right in the trash. Read the post, peeps!

[Photo: Brad Walsh]

The Bitter End

Let's finish this, bitches.

Model: Tanisha Harper

It's not a bad look. It's sexy with a side of slutty, but nicely tailored and a little expensive-looking.

And we do like the skirt, especially from the back.


Oh, sorry. Fell asleep there for a second.

What else is there to say? It evoked a film noir aesthetic without being too literal, but it wasn't exactly an exciting look. Middle of the pack.


This was a pretty decent entry, all things considered.

Model: Ebony Jointer

We're not exactly experts on 19th century dancehall girl costumes, but this appears to be pretty much dead on, which is impressive considering she had no reference materials. We like the colors she used.

And the almost invisible details, like the lacing and the little bows. The only thing that irritates us slightly is the asymmetrical lace around the top.

All in all, another decent middle-of-the-pack entry.


"From the last challenge and coming into this one, it reminded me of how good I am at doing these wow pieces."

Oh, girl. Thank god for you and Nicolas or we wouldn't have any smack-talking this year. Nothing more boring than a polite contestant. And nothing better than a smack-talker...

Model: Kalyn Hemphill

...who winds up with ass on the runway. This was one weird look. It's like Alexis Carrington's lingerie with a dryer sheet on top.

We don't mind the lace cutouts so much, except they're sending a message and that message says "Insert penis here."

That's not true; we do kind of mind the cutouts because they're so cheap-looking.

And worse, the whole thing is pretty badly executed, what with all the puckering. Still, take away the dryer sheet and pretend that it's well executed and it's not a bad design. It's just barely a middle-of-the pack entry, though. It's like one point above a bottom three.

Tim Gunn's Workroom Critique:

[Photos: Mike Yarish/ - Videos: - Screencaps:]

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