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The Ideas of March

Since you all apparently can't get enough of him, we're renaming the blog Project SissyBear.

Okay, no. But we DO have a link to a must-read interview with him at AfterElton:

AE: Was it nice to represent a gay person on TV — obviously you’re a big guy — who’s not the cookie-cutter type of gay guy?
CM: Yes! [laughing very loudly]

AE: How was getting along with Christian for you?
CM: It’s funny. I have to say that now I defend Christian to people all day long. They come up to me and say, “he’s so annoying!” And sure, he’s annoying. Fine. But he is very talented and he’s soooo funny. And underneath all that stuff, he actually has a really good heart. They portrayed him as being maybe a little more annoying than he really is, and they didn’t show him doing all of his really funny stuff and just talking. He’s very interesting. He’s had a lot of very interesting experiences for a 21-year-old. And he’s just kind of magically brilliant. Where did that come from? He’s 21!

AE: And what’s Rami really like?
CM: Rami, to me — and I’ve said this to him — is like the little brother that I never had. I don’t know why Rami and I hit it off so much. They’ve shown that close-up of us holding hands in the reunion show over and over again. And I’m wearing an “R” around my neck in that episode, so people were like, “Chris and Rami are dating!” I'm like, “Oh, pleeeease.” Rami has the most gorgeous boyfriend on earth, so everybody can just get over it. But I don’t know… He and I just really hit it off on a really affectionate level. There was just no reason to hate each other. We got that. If we’d hated each other, it would have been a waste of energy.

AE: I loved the episode when Roberto Cavalli was the guest judge and he praised you effusively. What was going on in your mind when that was happening?
CM: It was overwhelming. It was like, “this is now serious.” I mean we’ve had some really great judges, but it was Roberto Cavalli, for God’s sake! And when the judging started and he said that he envisioned me showing in Paris and all that, I was just shaking. And I was crying — they didn’t show me cry as much as I did on that episode — but I was just overwhelmed by the fact that someone like him saw what he saw in my look. I put it all in there and I was happy that he saw it.

AE: And in this last episode, did your use of human hair hurt you?
CM: I’m not sure. Probably, but that doesn’t matter to me, because it’s not always about winning or losing a competition. It’s about being true to yourself and your creativity, and also just showing people that the idea in life is to take some risks. If you don’t, you’re never going to change anything. And I thought it looked amazing on television. Whether they disagreed about whether it’s usable and wearable, that’s their perspective.

AE: And can you tell me anything about Jillian? What’s she like?
CM: The great thing about Jillian — and I wish this had happened sooner — she finally started letting go a little bit. As the show progressed, her character came out more and more, and I think near the end, people are seeing, “Oh, look — she’s actually very funny.” She’s very clever and well-spoken and she’s not just quiet and meek. She doesn’t want to talk and joke, like I do. That’s just her work style.

AE: What’s been the craziest fan moment you’ve experienced?
CM: Well, I don’t know if I can say… I will say that I’ve been shocked by the amount of emails I’ve gotten from men who want to go out with me! And who think I’m really cute and who want to lick me from head to toe.

AE: I have to say, too, that I loved how the show had so much fun showing you in drag, showing those shots of you as Wonder Woman or Cruella…
CM: Let me tell you, the day after the prom challenge where they showed so many pictures of me in drag, my website got 60,000 hits.

[Photo: G. Gershoff/WireImage]

Homeward Bound

Do you want to hear our scattered impressions of the home visits? Of course you do!

Still about as believable as a scene depicting him making out with a woman.

Was ToteGay's little hobbit hole not adorable?

He sleeps on the floor under his creations. Say what you will about her, but that bitch clearly BREATHES fashion.

And how funny was it that Tim thought this was a skirt?

And how horrendous was Jillian's sweater? Girl, you know we're on your side, but ski-themed Christmas sweaters are such a gigantic NO.

Although we did think it was adorably self-confident of her to put herself on the list of great American fashion designers from Long Island. Soon, darling.

Rami, it's okay to introduce him as your boyfriend, you know. No one thinks you're batting for anything but the home team at this point. Points for opening up about your mother, though. That was sweet.

And now, to prove that we can rocket from kindness to bitchery so fast it'll make your head spin...

Yow. That is some serious FUG.

It's a tossup between Chris and Rami, but we think we're gonna have to go with Chris as having the coolest work space.

Okay, now we're gonna lift the veil a bit on the T Lo philosophy. When we discuss the blog and what exactly we're going to write about day after day, there is one refrain we repeat to each other over and over: "We can't care about whether or not the designers like us. We have to be true to our feelings and just hope they have a sense of humor." Now, we may not have always achieved that end, but believe us, it's always been a guiding philosophy for us.

Having said that...


It's not a place we'd want to live in (or get drunk in) but how freaking FABULOUS was that apartment?

And how adorable was he? He looks like one of the Osmond brothers!


Winner of the "Best Rack on Project Runway" award. We just hope his nipples didn't come off with the duct tape.

UPDATE: Note from Shannon (Christian's sister)

"Some clarification on the living arrangements for's a small space, but clean and nice. The toilet clogs and the heat goes out on occasion, but it's no dump, just small. He was working before the show started, so he had enough to pay rent and eat ramen noodles. He has a roommate and the family has all been pitching in to pay a portion of expenses for the past few months. His apartment is on the sixth floor! I'm proud of Tim for making it up there.

To comment on the skinny silhouette, no hips and no breasts = me. Granted, I'm not 6 feet tall, but as one of his first clients, I like this very much. I know it's not for everyone.

I really enjoy reading all of the critiques and comments for and against my favorite designer. It makes me happy that so many get so passionate about this show and this is a great place to express opinions.

Love you guys!!"

[Screencaps: Project Rungay]

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It's Christian's turn under the microscope, bitches!

Well darlings, we may have to come up with another nickname for Christian because clearly "Princess Puffysleeves" isn't accurate.

Oh sure, there's a surfeit of puffiness (as well as pleating and ruffles) here, but much like Laura Bennett and the bogus "plunging neckline" criticism of the judges, it's not a design element he used nearly as much as is assumed. If anything, he could have just as easily been dubbed "Sir Skinnypants" because he returns to that just as much.

What can we glean from this? Well, despite the fact that it's not as narrow as previously assumed, he DOES show a fairly narrow range here. As we said, girl really likes his ruffles and pleating. He also likes pairing highly structured, voluminous pieces with body-conscious pieces like tube dresses, pencil skirts and yes, skinny pants. He turns to black WAY too much and when he does use color, it's always neutral in tone (browns and creams), with the exception of the SJP challenge dress.

Despite these criticisms, we think he's obviously an extraordinarily talented designer with a ton of potential. Nearly everything he showed during the competition was almost perfectly executed and had some little twist or design element that raised it above the others. Win or lose, the boy has the chops for a tremendous career ahead of him. He just needs to get his current design fixations out of his system.

[Photos: Barbara Nitke/]

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sew Not Over: Kit and Rami


"For my online collection, I just really wanted to push myself to make things I really would want to wear. It's the ideal of the whole Kit Pistol philosophy that you can mix more nighttime-looking clothes with more casual layering pieces, so it's really about the way that I like to dress."

Well it's certainly very Kit, which is as it should be. Although we wish some of these designers would embrace color a little more. We like the first look but there is something a little weird about the proportions. Don't those "straps" look like they come down awfully low? It's giving her a saggy titty look. We like the buttons on the sleeves but we're not sold on the sleeves ending in little fingerless gloves. LOVE the second look. Third look, interesting but the overall effect isn't that flattering.


"The three-look collection is about special pieces representing flattering fits and elegant details which play an essential part in a woman's wardrobe -- delicate embellishments such as pleated and ruffled necklines, sleeves, and hems, as well as decorative quilting that make each piece unique. It's about classic pieces with a modern twist that complement a variety of women with different body types. I desire to bridge the gap between the old and the new, the mythic and the ordinary, story and storyteller. I delight to bring allegory to the arena of fashion."

Good god, that boy likes to talk about his clothes. Not that we can blame him, since this was a VERY strong showing. Nice to see SOMEONE using color and that purple is very hot right now. The first look is absolutely flawless. Beautifully done. We love the second look but that jacket looks a bit overworked to us, which as we've seen this past week can be an issue with Rami. Too many design elements for such a simple silhouette. Third look: Lorenzo likes (except for the collar) and Tom vehemently DISlikes. It's kinda pretty and feminine but - again - a bit too overworked for such a simple little babydoll dress.

Click here to see all the collections!


Saturday, March 1, 2008



Darlings, let's take a mo to focus on our favorite 'mo: Big Daddy Runway, Sir Tim of the Gunn.

Honestly, there's no introduction that could do this one justice so we'll just reduce it down to three words:

1. Tim
2. Christian
3. Walkoff

Dear Project Runway editors,

This shit is GOLD. Please stop designating stuff like this as "Bonus Footage" and start making it your PRIMARY footage.


Project Runway Fandom

Also, click here to see Tim's tour of the Bryant Park tents on the morning of the PR runway show.