Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year, Darlings!

We hope your 2008 is fabulous and fashionable! We know ours will be!

Were you waiting to hear who won our last two contests? Well here they are:

The winners of the MALAN BRETON BAG contest are...

Grace and cloveapple! Ladies, you both took the lead with 4 correct guesses out of six. Congrats! Now, there were two Graces in the contest. The one we're looking for is the one who had this blogger profile.


uncle vanya! UV tickled Miss McCarthy's fancy with the following caption:

T: "Emmett, you look quite the diva! The hat makes it look verdi bizet, aida gone with a ring and puccini pups. Well, we're traviatin' now. Aria carmen?" *titter*

(Long pause)

E: "Kiss my cozy fun tootie, Tim."

Congrats, uncle vanya! Our winners need to drop us a line toute de suite and let us know their names and mailing addresses so we can get that swag out to you.

To all our readers, once again we thank you for your support this past year. All the best, poodles!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ripping the PRC Collections: Marie Genevieve Cyr

Lorenzo: Love the top, love the skirt, love everything.
Tom: Me too. I agreed with Iman when she pointed out that the model looked just like her. It would have been cool if they'd all been styled that way.
Lorenzo: Yeah, the styling for this collection was the best out of the three. Loved the barrettes in the hair.
Tom: And I can't believe I'm saying this, but I loved the colored tights. Anyway, the dress. Loved the hem, and the strap across the bust.
Lorenzo: This is asymmetrical done right. Jeffrey, take notes.
Tom: It's a clean form of asymmetry.

Tom: Dirty, dirty asymmetry. This one just does not work for me.
Lorenzo: I hate the pockets. They make her look wider. I hate where they're positioned.
Tom: I hate pockets in skirts generally. That jacket looks like she put it on upside down.
Lorenzo: I just don't understand the jacket at all.

Tom: I think this is gorgeous.
Lorenzo: I agree, but that strap across her boobs is just wrong. It's too tight.
Tom: True. It kinda looks like a pink bandage, but I love the "belt" under the bust and the color combo.
Lorenzo: And that's the right way to do pockets.
Tom: If you say so.
Lorenzo: Bitch.
Tom: I just don't get pockets in skirts. What, is she gonna put her car keys in there?

Lorenzo: That's a mess.
Tom: I like the dress.
Lorenzo: I kind of like the dress but I hate the jacket.
Tom: Okay, true. And the line in her stockings looks like she bleeds pink, but there's a cool kind of punk rock architectual vibe going on here.

Tom: I think this is awful.
Lorenzo: Is she pregnant or something?
Tom: Do Canadians carry their young in their hips?
Lorenzo: You're awful.
Tom: No, THAT's awful. Terrible proportions and I hate the overall shininess of it.
Lorenzo: And her Cinnamon bun tits are too small.

Lorenzo: GORGEOUS.
Tom: I agree. Best look in the whole collection.
Lorenzo: She's still working that architectural vibe, but more sophisticated.
Tom: And great color combo. Although I'll say this: it's good that her color story was so cohesive, but there's such a thing as being too cohesive.
Lorenzo: It's basically the same three colors going down the runway.

Lorenzo: I love this.
Tom: I don't love it as much as you do.
Lorenzo: I just don't like the color of the tights. I think it was too much for the look.
Tom: Funny, that was one of the things I do like. Although I agree. To use a Gunnism, that's a lotta look.
Lorenzo: True, but I think she brings it all together nicely.
Tom: It's an "almost, but not quite" for me. I like each piece individually, but all together there's too much color, too much shiny and too much of that criss-crossy ruching.

Lorenzo: I would have loved it if the sleeves matched.
Tom: She's going for that asymmetry. I don't mind it. It's got a fresh look to it. It's just that her left boob looks like it has lips.
Lorenzo: True. Fresh is the right word. She's doing a lot but she's keeping the whole thing simple.
Tom: The Barbie colors are really getting to me though.

Lorenzo: I absolutely hate this. I hate everything about it.
Tom: Aren't we cranky? No, I agree. It's pretty awful. She must've been in a bad mood the day she designed this one.
Lorenzo: It's like a bad mood in dress form.
Tom: It's that fabric. It's so heavy and dour-looking.

Tom: You hated this one, right?
Lorenzo: No, I just don't get that jacket. What's that thing on the right lapel?
Tom: It doesn't bother me that much but man, is that a high waist or what?
Lorenzo: High waists are back.
Tom: I know, but something about this doesn't work for me. Maybe it's the colors that are setting it off. It just seems like it should fit her a little tighter.

To sum up and to address a couple points in yesterday's comments, this collection felt new and young to us. Does that mean "old" is bad? Of course not. But we're talking about fashion, not about clothes. Fashion is about the new thing, the next thing, or about taking old things and rethinking to make them seem new. Fashion always moves forward. Iman said something during the judging that we thought was absolutely brilliant: "At the end of the day, I don't need another dress." You can buy clothes in a million places, but there are only a few places and a relative few people who are truly doing Fashion, capital F. MG's collection had its flaws, but to us, it was pure fashion.


Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ripping the PRC Collections: Lucian Matis

Lorenzo: First of all, I hate the hats --
Tom: I agree. They don't even look like hats. They look like fabric pinned to their heads.
Lorenzo: It's just way too haute couture -y. Too derivative of haute couture designers.
Tom: It smells like "wannabe." Anyway, I don't love the skirt - mainly because of the fabric - but the top is gorgeous.
Lorenzo: Despite the hat, I really like this look.

Lorenzo: I hate the hat.
Tom: We know.
Lorenzo: Fucking butterflies!
Tom: We KNOW. Let's just assume that we both hate the hats going forward. I think this looks very "old lady."
Lorenzo: The skirt especially.
Tom: The skirt looks like a slip. As for the top --
Lorenzo: I hate the trim on it.
Tom: Me too. Overall, I thought his color story was drab, but trying to dress it up with that ugly floral didn't help.

Lorenzo: I liked the jacket very much.
Tom: You DO?
Lorenzo: It's very well-structured. Don't you think?
Tom: Sure, but I think it's probably one of the MOST derivative pieces in the whole collection.
Lorenzo: I agree, but it's still pretty.
Tom: So are butterflies.
Lorenzo: You're a bitch.
Tom: I know, right? Anyway, I do like the doilies on the skirt but I don't like the fringe.

Tom: I love this.
Lorenzo: Me too.
Tom: I think we like this because it's the least "fussy" look in the whole collection. Simple and chic.
Lorenzo: I don't understand why he went in such an overdone direction for this collection. It's nothing like his work during the season. Anyway, I do like this one and I like where he positioned the doily.
Tom: Doilies done right.

Tom: Doilies done wrong. It looks like Christmas wrapping paper.
Lorenzo: The dress is nice.
Tom: Except for all that fussiness at the top.
Lorenzo: True, but the silhouette works. It's just all those freaking doilies!

Tom: Starting with the jacket, I liked it all except the Batman points on the shoulders and the cuffs on the sleeves.
Lorenzo: Agreed. And can I just say that the shoes were completely WRONG for this collection?
Tom: You just did. Hooker shoes with granny clothes. I'm getting dizzy thinking about it.

Tom: Let's just say that out loud: "crocheted bikini." Say it.
Lorenzo: It's not awful, but the bottom looks like a diaper.
Tom: Keeping with the granny clothes theme, then. Crocheted Depends.

Tom: FUG.
Lorenzo: Titscrepancy!
Tom: It looks like an elf costume from Lord of the Rings.
Lorenzo: I hate those sleeves.

Lorenzo: I loved this.
Tom: It moves beautifully. I just don't like the fabric.
Lorenzo: I disagree. I think this was one instance where the choice of the fabric worked.
Tom: I'm just not loving the colors. I don't like the mismatched straps either.

Lorenzo: That is just...the bottom is... wrong. Who would...?
Tom: You're speechless. I think she looks like a depressed Can Can girl.
Lorenzo: The skirt is just awful.
Tom: It might not have looked so bad if it wasn't sheer. Naah. You're right. It's just wrong.
Lorenzo: Sheer skirt with an asymmetrical ruffled hem. How many wrong things can we fit in one look?

Lorenzo: I don't have a problem with it.
Tom: The dress is fine. The FABRIC, however. It's just so ...Golden Girls. Having drinks on the lanai with Rose and Dorothy, that's what it is.

To sum it up, despite whatever good parts there were, the collection as a whole was so overwhelmingly derivative that we can't appreciate them. It felt a little calculated. Like if he put out something that looked like haute couture, the judges would spew all over it. Well, it worked for one of them, at least. How about that little crying jag? Was that not alternately hysterically funny and bizarrely uncomfortable at the same time?


Friday, December 28, 2007

Previews, Poodles!

"In this challenge, the designers will be charged with grabbing everything they can from the "Hershey's Times Square" store (except clothes) to construct their next design."

And guess what, darlings? A guest judge from a past season makes a comeback!

[Videos: Crew Creative/]

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Darlings, this is MAJUH.

The NY Daily News reports that "Heidi Klum has just about persuaded Victoria Beckham to be a judge on the finale of this season's 'Project Runway,' we hear."

Shoot for Elle magazine. The silk chiffon and organza dress is by Zac Posen and the cropped feathered jacket is by Sonia Rykiel. The wedge pumps are by Nicholas Kirkwood.

Doesn't "wedge pump" sound vaguely like a sexual aid?

We're not the biggest fans of celebrity judges. Even though SJP was fantastic, Parker Posey and Debra Messing left us cold. Posh, on the other hand...I mean, come ON. That promises to be reality television GOLD. We're hoping that the prospect of having to sit next to THE BODY will force her into a rushed boob augmentation and she shows up with tits up to her neck.

If we weren't rooting for Christian to make it to the final 3 before, we are DEFINITELY rooting for Princess now because Posh will be all over his nut.

Of course, much like SJP, Posh has got shit to sell. She has her own clothing line, dVb. Check out the site, which is almost completely devoid of content and has the soon-to-be-immortal line "Denim news to follow shortly" in lieu of actual pictures of any of her so-called "designs."

We're being unnecessarily bitchy (shocking), though. We really do think she'd be a lot of fun. Sure, she dresses mostly like an alien or a muppet (sometimes both) but the bitch definitely puts it out there stylewise and she tends to be fairly entertaining on-camera. We expect major bitchery issuing forth from her tightly pulled face.

[Photo: Elle magazine]

Friday, December 21, 2007

The meaning of Christmas: Self-promotion.

Oh no we didn't!

Did we perhaps make the Entertainment Weekly Best of 2007 issue?

Why yes, bitches. WE DID:

"...if websites could talk (or eat, for that matter), this is the one we'd want to have lunch with."


But that should really be "with whom we'd want to have lunch." Not that we're being ungrateful! We're just saying, is all.

Well, now that we're done patting ourselves on the back, Santa Gunn has a special message for you:

And God bless us. Every one!

We can't thank all of you enough for your incredible support this year. Y'all have a happy one now, y'hear?

Oh, and look! We're so fucking fabulous, we even have a blooper reel!

Big special props to PRGalPal AMY for shooting and directing our little Christmas Timgnettes.


[Screencap and Videos: Project RunGay]

Ringing in the New Year, Gay Style

This is the Natalie coat from Emmett McCarthy's Holiday collection. Gorgeous, yes? You should see it in person. Heidi owns one of these. It retails for $875. Would you like one?

Well, here's your shot! Darlings, OF COURSE we're going to ring out the old year and ring in the new one with a CONTEST! It's because we LOVE you all so very, that we're teaming with Miss Emmett McCarthy herself for our


Readers, take a moment and gaze at these two pictures:

Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to come up with an exchange of dialogue between Tim and Emmett here. The funniest one wins an EMC2 Natalie coat, in a size of their choosing from 2 -10. There's just one catch.


Not so easy now, is it bitches? Well, get to it if you want that coat. Miss McCarthy herself will be putting her bitchpants on and joining us in choosing the winner. You have until 6 pm, EST on DECEMBER 30th to post your entries here. On New Year's Eve, somewhere in the midst of being fabulous, we will take a moment and post the winners as we raise our Champagne flutes in salute. Oh, and we haven't forgotten the Malan Bag contest. We'll post the winners of that on New Year's Eve as well. Darlings, who loves you and gets you fabulous swag?

[Photo: EMc2 - Screencaps: Project RunGay]

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Kit, Sweet P and VictorYa

Let's wrap these bitches up, shall we?

We did not love this dress, although that probably has more to do with the ugly fabrics than the dress itself.

It's your basic baby-doll silhouette, which is fine. Sorta flattering, but the skirt's probably a little too full.

We thought the idea of using the patterned material was sound, we just don't like this material, that's all. Good enough to squeeze by.

This is the best, most finished garment Sweet P's managed to throw down the runway.

It's simple, but she made good use of the materials and stuck to proportions that were going to flatter her client.

No, it's not the most fashion-forward design in the world and the drabness of the color weighs down an already potentially-drab garment, but again, it's good enough to squeeze by. She and Kit need to step up.

Ironically, VictorYa took a step down this week.

Honestly, if we didn't know who designed this dress and had to guess, VictorYa would've been very low on the list.

When we haven't liked her work, it's usually been due to differences in taste. Even when we don't like it, we see a style and an expression that comes through loud and clear.

This? This looks like a 20-year-old Simplicity pattern.

Just another drab, boring, refitted, non-everyday wear garment. It's barely distinguishable from the one that got Steven auf'd. She should've gotten a slamming from the judges over it.

Barbara Nitke / - Screencaps: Project RunGay]

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Project Runway Canada Smorgasbord

"Toronto designer Stephen Wong was an early and consistent favourite on the debut season of Project Runway Canada, both among the designers and the audience. Unfortunately, he exited the show after the last challenge before the three finalists went on to present their collections at L’OrĂ©al Fashion Week.

What was the mistake that sent you home?
The problem was, the zipper in my dress broke, and because of that, I had to stitch it up by hand, and it made it look kind of bad. ... I don’t even know if it’s so much the zipper; with that challenge it was to make a dress for Iman and I think it depended heavily on who she wanted to wear. I had a sense that M-G (Marie-Genevieve Cyr) was going to be in, because they couldn’t have just three boys, so it was going to be me or one of the other boys, so it was kind of a toss-up. Having watched the show I know that both Biddell and Lucian have a really, really strong following, so maybe it was just my time.

What didn’t you get to show the judges and the audience?
It’s funny, because with the challenges you don’t get to show your true skills, simply because of the stress factor. It’s a show. It’s not really about design so much, because that’s not how you really work outside of the show. So, I would say what I missed out on showing the judges is my abilities as far as designing a full, complete look ... I never felt as though I put out something that I was completely satisfied with.

What will you always remember from your experience on PRC?
I remember so much, but I’ve also forgotten so much of it because it was such a fast process, and it was such a blur. Iman has always been an idol to me, and something that left a huge impression on me was the level of talent that I saw on the show.

Who do you want to win?
When I started the show I was really rooting for M-G to win because she had shown me things that, even though they weren’t my taste, I thought they were new, and I think that fashion is about what’s new. Even if you’re reinterpreting things from the past, it’s all about new, and you have to be able to switch it up and change it to make it new to the eye, and M-G was really good at that."


The Three Finalists Discuss Highs and Lows

"Lucian Matis

Was the apparently simmering feud between you and Biddell real?
I think it was. It was quite intense because he was trying to irritate everybody and intimidate everybody and I don’t like people who are trying to play those kind of games. So I just kind of ignored him.

What was the high point in creating your own collection for the finale?
Seeing it on the runway ... it was extraordinary.

What was the low point?
The low point was when I once broke down and didn’t feel like being there.

Marie-Genevieve Cyr
When you were eliminated from the show, did you imagine that you’d still end up in the final three?
Of course no — I’d just been eliminated, and I was leaving in the van and I did my exit interview ... (Coming back) was like re-starting the show for me: I’m back, and I’m going to prove you were wrong.

What was the high point in creating your own collection for the finale?
I guess we’re a little bit more free, and I was back in Montreal, and in my little studio trying to make a collection, and we were free to move in whatever direction we wanted.

What was the low point?
In a way I found it really hard because I was creating a collection for Project Runway Canada and not for me, because you’re doing it to win. I found it really hard because I had Iman and the judges in the back of my mind all the time.

Evan Biddell

Were you really the arrogant guy with the bad attitude, or were you just edited that way?
Well, I think there was a lot of arrogance — no, there was a lot of confidence — in all the final three ... I was probably the most cocky because I thought it would be funny — I mean being cocky about fashion is just hilarious. It’s just a dress, you know.

What was the high point in creating your own collection for the finale?
I guess seeing it come to life. It was a lot of fun making it. It was my first collection.

What was the low point?
Probably getting organized, and getting studio space to do the collection. It was pretty chaotic."


You can watch the rest of the episode here.

[Photos: John Van Der Schilden/Slice - Video: MsRoyalT/YouTube]

And the winner is...

Here’s an interview with the winner, Evan Biddell, courtesy of Canadian Press.

The colourful fashionista who has no design training beat two other finalists on the Slice TV show, with host and supermodel Iman declaring "his clothes have a new language."

"There's no map that I follow," the 24-year-old, who is often referred to by just his last name, said in an interview before the finale aired.

"I haven't been taught anything, so this is the way I've figured out how to make clothes."

Biddell, who was born in Medicine Hat, Alta., but grew up in Saskatoon, started stitching clothes as a teen when he and his friends needed funky pieces to wear to raves.

He sold some of his items but never went to fashion school or designed a full collection before the series, which also has a U.S. version.

Biddell was among the more outspoken and confident of the 12 contestants, who were mentored by designer Brian Bailey.

"I'm pretty loud and obnoxious, I think," he said, adding that watching himself on the show has made him realize how much he swears.

"I would really hate to be locked up for 30 days with a guy like me. That would drive me nuts. I totally don't blame (my competitors) for getting sick of me."

Biddell and the other two finalists - Marie Genevieve Cyr of Montreal and Lucian Matis of Toronto - presented their collections at L'Oreal Fashion Week in Toronto in late October. Their runway shows were taped for the finale and helped judges Iman, Rita Silvan and Shawn Hewson choose the winner.

Biddell's designs included sleek lines and colourful fabrics, and were inspired by Saturday morning cartoons. Iman and Hewson loved it but questioned whether Biddell had a clear vision.

"Why do I need to have a main focus? Since when can't I be a schizophrenic designer?" he said after raiding his suitcase for new accessories to wear during the interview at the Alliance Atlantis building (he chose black sunglasses adorned with little skulls, a waistcoat and a purple scarf).

"I've changed eight times today in order to keep you guys guessing, like, 'Who is he really? What is he really thinking behind those shades?' I like kind of playing characters and dressing up and going out and being whoever you want."

With the win, Biddell gets $100,000 to begin his own fashion line, a professional portfolio photo shoot, a retail mentorship with Winners and a cover and feature spread in Elle Canada magazine.

He plans to use the money to buy a studio and possibly create a collection in time for next fall's Fashion Week - and inject some identity into the Canadian fashion scene.

"When I think of American fashion I have something in my head," he said.

"When I think of London, there are cuts, there are shapes you see and Paris has the embellishment and Canada, it's like, um, hoodies and jeans? Which I love ... but it needs some experimentation going on. It definitely needs some oomph."

Darlings, we'll be talking about the collections over the holidays. Stay tuned!


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Rami & Ricky

Well, he's fun to look at, but he is seriously lacking in the drama. We're still hoping for a tear-streaked meltdown.

On the other hand, he finally produced something that made us sit up in our seats.

See, we just haven't been wowed by Rami's work so far. It's all technically stunning, but we detect a serious lack of...well, style. Everything just looks so done.

Not so with this piece. This really jumped out at us as a fantastic transformation and a great look on its own.

That bitch worked it. Granted, he went for that assymetrical top, which gives her a titscrepancy and we don't always love that.

But it's a fantastic skirt and the whole look is incredibly flattering - her ass looks great - and (finally!) stylish-looking.

Oh please.

Girl, don't act like you "needed" to see how the hem looked with heels and haven't had your eye on those shoes from the first minute you walked into the workroom and your little gay heart leapt inside your chest at the sight of the Bluefly Accessories Wall.


...looks just a little hootchie to us.

As designs go, the top is okay. You could find a similar top in any department store. A little flashy and low-cut and see-through, but you could pair it with the right pants and come off looking okay.

These are not the right pants.

They're just too tight and they cut her in half. The sausage effect on the jeans coupled with the jingly-jangly low-cut top just cheapens the whole look. She's looking a little honky tonk to us.

But of course, Ricky's not here to make clothes and win a competition.

Ricky's here to FEEL.

Will somebody please give that girl a Midol? She's falling apart!

Barbara Nitke / - Screencaps: Project RunGay]

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