Friday, June 29, 2007

Vera Wang Resort 2008 Collection

Darlings, it's time to look at Vera Wang's Resort collection, but we strongly urge you to ingest a handful of anti-depressants before viewing.

These are both pretty cute, actually. Those muted neutrals are definitely in this season even if we think they're a little drab.

Those shoes are horrible.

Ugh. The very definition of drab - and we hate the lines on the one on the right. Highly unflattering.

Vera darling, there's no need to be afraid of using a print now and then. These are okay, but still boring.

Less for a cruise and more for a political refugee just getting off the boat.

Save us from the metallics. But hey, at least these have a little life to them. We especially like the one on the right.

That yellow and white combo seems to be big this season but we never really liked that combination. The one on the right? Spinster chic.

Okay, we like the one on the left, if only for the use of color. The one on the right? Feh. It's alright.

Is Vera going through a depression or something? That one on the left is like a rainy day in clothing form. The one on the right is just plain ugly.

These are both pretty cute, although we don't like all the weird unflattering pleating on the one on the left and we're still not crazy about that yellow and white combo.

Cute, but still depressing.

The left: nice. The right: fug.

Fug. Fug.

Vera, kitten! Have a cocktail or something!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Badgley Mischka Resort 2008 Collection

We were never big fans of these girls, but we certainly like this collection more than Michael Kors'.

Color! Print! We're off to a decent start.

Apparently, black and white are THE colors to wear on vacation this year. That dress is a little formal for resort wear, no?

Pretty! Tom's mother had a Christmas tablecloth that looked exactly like the dress on the left in 1972.

Simple. Pretty.

Do they have proms at vacation resorts now?

We are holding our collective breath, waiting for the day when this "metallic" phase will be over.

That dress is gorgeous. Love the introduction of the blue into the collection.


GAAH! That neon-piss color! Who looks good in that color, we ask you?

That one on the left: haven't we seen this dress at least 3 times in this collection alone? On the right: a little too goddess-y.

Seriously, isn't this all a little formal-looking for resort wear? Pretty, though.


What do you bitches think?

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Michael Kors Resort 2008 Collection

The Duchess recently showed his 2008 Resort collection and, as always, we have opinions that no one asked for.

The first? FABULOUS. The second, not so much.

Cute, but plain.


Like, not love. The whole black and white solids thing is a little boring.

Okay, it's cute, but it's all a little Hamptons-y.

Color! Absolutely LOVE the second one.


A MUU-MUU?!?!? Are those ATROCITIES coming back? That second one is pretty ugly too.


The coat's nice.

Didn't we see that one on the left in his Spring collection?

First one's cute. Second one? Tack-ay.

We'll be posting the Resort collections of some of the other guest judges all week. So, kittens. What do you think?

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