Saturday, September 30, 2006


Okay, we admit it.

When we saw where Laura was heading, we were underwhelmed. Granted, "wow the judges" is about as articulate a design challenge as "make something pretty," but we were afraid that "doing what I do, better than I've ever done it," while plucky, probably wasn't what the judges wanted to see.

On the one hand, we were right; on the other hand, so was Laura. She didn't win it, but it seemed that she made a conscious choice to produce something that she knew would get her to OFW and lo and behold, it did. Her mama didn't raise no fool.

As for the dress, it's beautiful and probably one of the most perfectly executed garments in all 3 seasons of the show. While we agreed somewhat with the judges that Laura needs to widen her point of view slightly, we also think they overstated the point.

For one, up to now, Laura has not had any professional experience in fashion, which means she's never produced a collection. That she is focussed on a particular aesthetic right now doesn't necessarily mean that she only has one point of view.

Second, we started thinking about it and realized she's not as repetitive as some (including us) have been saying. Look at what she's produced during the competition:

For all the talk from the Duchess of never wanting to see another one from her again, she only ever produced two garments with what could be called "plunging" necklines. Looking at her garments all together like this, it's interesting how much it looks like a collection. She has a concise point of view and there are certain design elements she returns to again and again (lace, beading, "exuberant" collars), but she doesn't make the same dress over and over and she doesn't design only for herself.

As a point of comparison, look at Uli's competition work:

There 's a hell of a lot more similarity of form going on there. Ironically, even though this grouping is far more repetitive, it somehow looks less like a collection than Laura's does. We don't mean to be ragging on Uli. She also has a strong point of view that she executes masterfully, so it's practically inevitable that she and Laura get compared so often.

It struck us that part of the reason the "narrow" placard gets hung on Laura's neck has as much to do with what she wore during the competition as it did with what she produced for the competition.

That's a consequence of having a strong point of view and the force of personality to consistently and fabulously express it, which our girl has in spades. Right Laura?

"Fuck, yeah!"

Friday, September 29, 2006

Note from Emmett

"Dear Project Rungay boys:

I loved meeting you guys, who knew our event would get the special
Rungay recap treatment!

We have been overwhelmed by the LOVE for Tim Gunn and have been packing up bobble heads and t shirts and shipping them out! (So much for the glamourous life of designing!)

The shipments are on the way so look for Tim Gunn in your mail box!

Also the REAL Tim Gunn is coming by this weekend and offered to sign more t shirts and bobble heads for those "Rungays" who missed out the first time.

If interested place your orders and specify if you want a signed t shirt or bobble head in the comment field. Click here to purchase them.

Can't wait to see you at our next event!


We love ours!
We dress it in little outfits and ask it for advice.

UPDATE: Emmett sent pics:

DAMN! You boys look HOT!

Edited to add (October 4th):

Dear ProjectRunGay:

This morning Tim Gunn was interviewed by Fine Living Network at EMc2.

Tim is a featured guest speaking on the history and fashions for cocktail dressing. Audrey Hepburn's appearance in "Breakfast at Tiffanys" exemplifies the classic, chic, fun and glamourous dressing for cocktail parties according to TIm. Tim is standing in front of mannequins dressed from the EMc2 collection. Afterward Tim autographed t shirts for fans who missed the Fall off the Runway event and want to have them before the season finale. Fans can order the last 50 autographed T shirts on line at EMc2.

Here are the exact available signed T shirts:

Black: 2 small
6 medium
20 large
2 xl

Pink 6 small
38 medium
35 large
16 xl

Heather Grey
7 large

We are trying our best to make everyone satisfied with their signed t shirts!

Look for Tim on tonights Project Runway Reunion show, he told me it was seven hours of filming and it will be very interesting TV!

I am off to Paris for Fashion Week!


Peanut Provocateur

Sorry, Jeffreyphiles. We hated this one.

Y'know, it really says something about Jeffrey that when he thinks "Romantic, provocative," he thinks of the St. Pauli Girl.

It's to his credit that he consistently makes the attempt to work outside his expectations. That can't be said of any of the other designers this season. The problem is, he doesn't do well outside of his comfort zone, which forces the question, Is he to be commended for shaking things up or condemned for not realizing his limitations?

The jet-setter outfit? The couture dress? They worked because Jeffrey took those challenges and molded his style and strengths to them. Simply declaring "I'm going to shake things up" isn't enough of a design statement. In fact, it's not a statement at all; it's a reaction.

He's got a very strong aesthetic and when he's working within the boundaries of that aesthetic, he's capable of producing some really interesting stuff. Thing is, Jeffrey doing "romantic" is about as good a fit as Laura doing "hip-hop" or Uli doing business wear.

And, well...this is a bit nasty, but Jeffrey always seems to make expensive fabrics look cheap.

"I made a dress like this once before and people almost cried when they saw it."

Well, we can certainly understand that.

As with so much of Jeffrey's stuff, this just looks rough and unfinished. Yes, it could be said that this is his style, but another question that has to be asked at this point is, can he just not sew?

Uli made a dress in less than a day, Laura made an incredibly intricate, hand-beaded dress in two days. This was a relatively simple dress, so there's just no excuse for pulling a Libretti and whipping out the glue gun.

Awwww. They are totally going to be voted cutest couple by the Prom Committee. They're like those old "Love is..." tchotchkes. "Love is...wearing a poorly fitted skirt with bugs on it."

Okay, now we want jobs at Elle.

We have burning real estate envy when we look at Nina's office. We especially love the fact that she apparently doesn't feel the need to provide seating for anyone other than herself. She made a pregnant woman sit on an air conditioner. That's a level of fabulous bitchery of which we can only sit in awe.

Betcha her staff has to sit on the floor when she's pissed off.

We fully support any office dress code that sees spangled tank tops as appropriate and encouraged. What do they wear on casual Fridays? Bathing suits?

Mrowr, Chica! Hot! We're as gay as pink Christmas trees, but who wouldn't want a bitchy Latin woman in kickass shoes to make you sit on the windowsill in her fabulous office, bark orders at you, and kick you out? Where do we send our resumés?

Thursday, September 28, 2006

They should have wrestled for it.

"I'm gonna pick...Nazri."


I'm gonna kill you in your sleep, y'know."

"WHAT?! Ohmigod, are you kidding me? Look at me! Did you see how I worked the shit out of every frikkin art camp project I had to wear? That paper dress? I was FIERCE! You people are big STUPIDHEADS and when I'm on the cover of Vogue - because who the hell wants to be in Elle anyway - you know what it'll say? I'll tell you what it'll say! It'll say "AMANDA FIELDS IS FIERCE! SUCK IT, BITCHES!!!!!!"

"I'm sorry, Lindsay!"

"Fuck off, Swiss Miss. Yeah, that's right. You better be looking both ways when you come outta that tent at Bryant Park, Bitch."


Suck it, Bitches."

Everybody Wins!

And Project Runway takes one step closer to the Special Olympics. Next season, there will be someone permanently stationed at the end of the runway to give out hugs. We recommend Andre Leon Talley.

It's a cute, sassy dress and that's saying something coming from Uli. While some of us thought it looked a little too "Star Trek," the general consensus on the couch last night was that she done good. Loved the collar and trim and loved how she arranged the tie-dye pattern to mimic the female form. She may only have a couple notes to play, but Uli plays them like a virtuoso.

Every time Uli stands next to her model, the resultant "Uli explosion" burns another hole in our TV screen. Bravo better buy us a new TV after the season's over. This one's about shot. The people in the Claritin commercials all have weird, hippy, beach-party patterns on their faces as they stoically inform us of the oily discharge side-effects.

But let's be honest here, there's one model who consistently sells the garments better than any other and all the designers have been itching to use her. Uli got her chance, and god bless her devious little Teutonic heart, she dumped poor
Lindsay like a pimp with a ho on her 40th birthday. Lindsay's all "Shit, I worked a dozen Janis Joplin dresses for that bitch and this is what I get?" Nazri's all "Eat it, bitches. I'm fabulous." And she is. The picture Uli took of her with the street band was fantastic.

That girl can work just about anything.

Edited to add: For the completionists and the curious, the band's name is a dropdead star.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fabulous Mommy Loves the Gays!

"OUTzone: Any favorite "Runway" blogs? "

"Project Rungay. When they’re on, they’re really on. They’re so cute, those boys. It’s funny, because I get recognized on the street nowadays. People stop me and I answer their questions and I take my picture with them and then one day, I said to myself, "You know, these guys are so funny, and they spend all these hours a day, promoting the show, and in turn, promoting me, I should contact them."

MWAH! Love you, girl! Now pop out that baby so we can go out for drinks!

Read Laura's fabulous OUTzone interview here.

Nazri's ELLE ad for TRESemmé is out!

Our girl's looking FIERCE! Michael looks cute, too.

This isn't the whole ad, by the way. Wouldn't want the bitches at ELLE getting mad at us and sticking pins in little PRGayBoy dolls, would you? The spread is actually a couple pages long with smaller pics of some of the other models, like Amanda and Clarissa. Buy Elle to see the whole thing! Otherwise, they're siccing Nina on us and NO ONE wants that!

We're assuming they re-styled her hair for the shoot and we might be misremembering, but we don't recall her hair looking quite so "Good Ship Lollipop" in the episode. Besides, to us, Nathaniel will always be the guy who made Alison's model look like Daisy Duck.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Broadway Cares, Darlings!

We popped back into New York yesterday to attend the Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS Flea Market and Grand Auction.

We of course had to stop by and meet faithful PRGay reader and commenter, Madeline, who was womanning the barricade at 44th and 8th.

It should be noted that Lorenzo loves this pic because he looks hot and Tom hates it because he looks fat. We don't know what Madeline thinks of it yet, but we think she looks fabulous. She's also a sweetheart. Great meeting you, Madeline!

It's a wonderful, energetic, fun event for a great cause, loaded with fabulous showbiz types, little old Jewish ladies, and cute theatre queens. Thanks for cruising us, guys!

We were, of course, looking for the ever-fab Malan Breton, who was graciously auctioning off an opportunity for him to provide wardrobe, fashion and style advice, along with a shopping spree and a Project Runway "bag of goodies." We're all atwitter at what could possibly be in the bag. Because we're drama queens in the truest sense of the phrase, we like to imagine that it was all scandalous goodies. "What am I bid for Vincent's crack pipe?"

We surveyed the crowd, but couldn't find The Suave One anywhere. Fortunately, PRTotallyHeterosexualLittleSister ducked into a Starbucks for some fuel and ran into him coming out.

We were able to arrange a quick photo op as he was both on his way to the stage for the auction and being swamped by photo requests from other fans. We have to say this: aside from the fact that he is totally gracious, Malan is quite literally one of those people who always looks like he's standing in a spotlight. You simply can't not notice him. Had he never achieved the level of fame that PR has provided, heads would still turn any time he walked into a room.

AND, his prize went for 2,600 dollars in the auction! A testament not only to his kindness, but also to his fabulosity. Congratulations, Darling!

Bad Mommy vs. The Angry Little Peanut.


"But when they returned for their group show at Bryant Park, fellow contestant Laura Bennett accused Sebelia of cheating."

Don't you love it when fashion bitches get all, y'know...bitchy?

Fabulous Mommy

"How’d you meet your husband, Peter Shelton?

At a dinner party. I must have been the hot babe in the room at the ripe old age of 32 or something."

Read the NYMAG interview here.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Kayne's Goodbye

Hey Hookers!

I am so gonna miss you guys! Except for Laura.
Just kidding, bitch!!!! LOL!
This dress is totally GORGEOUS I don't care
what that bitch Nina says! She wouldn't know
gorgeous if it pooped on her head.
Whoops! Looks like it already did! LOL!!!!
Just kidding!

Anyway, I'm really sad to be going, but I totally
think I rocked the house and brought a little
glam to the place, y'know? And this place DEFINITELY
needed some glam!!!! What with all the
German hippy chicks and rich bitch
mommies around here. Seriously
Laura, would it kill you to use a little
pink every now and then? LOL!!!! And blow out that
hair every once in a while! You look like a trannie on a
smoke break between shows!!!
Just kidding, girl! You know I love you
like a MUCH OLDER sister!!!!!

Michael!!!! Girlfriend, I'm so gonna miss you!!!!
Who else is going to remind me to walk like I mean it????
You're FABULOUS and I'm totally rooting for you
to win this thing but don't tell the others I said that!!!! LOL!!!!

Jeffrey, honey. I never told you this but the neck tattoo?
Not working for me. Go have a talk with Collier and
see if he can hook you up with a good coverup.
Because girl, that thing looks like
you passed out at a frat party!!! Just kidding!!!!!
Work it, boy!

Uli, you know I love you like a German sister
but come on! Raise that hem a little bit!
I can't even tell if you have legs!!!! LOL!!!!
Just kidding, girl!! Thank you for making my mama
look FABULOUS!!!!!!! She's a DIVA and now EVERYONE
knows it!!!!!!

Tim, I love you like a grandfather, but bitch, you TOTALLY
did not get the KAYNE EXPERIENCE!!!!! I'm FIERCE and you
have NO TASTE!!! LOL!!! Just kidding, Daddy!!!!

Seriously guys, I'm totally bummed but you have not
heard the LAST of KAYNE GILLASPIE!!!!!! I am the
QUEEN of GLAMOUR, y'all!!!! The next time you see
a FABULOUS beauty queen covered in GLITTER
you'll know she's been KAYNEFIED!!!!!!

I sprinkled some glitter on your work stations so you'll
always remember the FIERCEST BITCH YOU'RE EVER
GONNA MEET!!!!!!!!

Good luck, bitches!!! Things should be a lot easier for
y'all now that you don't have to compete with me!!!!!!!
LOL!!!!!! Make it work!!!
Kayne Gillaspie, Fiercer than you

P.S. Take care of Amanda, guys! My girl can walk it like
she's on FIRE!!!!

PPS: Laura, I glued your scissors shut!!!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Nina: Aesthetically Pleasing

What do we love about NEENAGAHCEEAAfashiondirectorofellemagazine?
Only everything.

Here is a woman who, week in and week out, sits next to another woman who is generally considered one of the most beautiful in the world and damn, the bitch holds her own. She always looks totally put together in that carefully haphazard way that good fashionistas master. She's always got a killer set of heels on and big clunky jewelry that she somehow manages to make look elegant.

And the hair! What is it about Latin women and hair? They treat their hair like it was a second set of tits on top of their head. Something to adorn, draw attention to, play with, and drive the men crazy. You can tell Nina loves her hair. She should. It's gorgeous. Just tame enough to be considered professional-looking and just wild enough to make people wonder what she looks like naked.

We love how seriously she takes fashion. Good fashion makes her almost orgasmic, but bad fashion actually offends her. When someone sends something particularly heinous down the runway, Nina acts like they just called her mother a puta or something. There are times when she looks like she's ready to leap out of her chair, rip the garment off the model and stomp up and down on it. As physically imposing as Santino is, if it ever came down to a cage match between those two, we'd have to bet on the little Colombian spitfire.

She gets a lot of crap for being a bitch, but that's just a classic example of "bitch" being defined as "smart woman with an opinion." She knows her shit and she's there to judge. There's no point in being demure about it.

On our way to Emmett's last week, we talked about whether or not we'd embarrass ourselves in front of Tim and reaffirmed to ourselves that we'd just play it cool (we see how well that plan held up). PRTotallyHeterosexualLittleSister laughed at us but then admitted "Ohmigod, if Nina's there I may lose it. LOVE HER." And that's the thing. Nina is for straight women what Tim is for gay men: someone who's totally got her shit together, is well-respected, and fabulous to boot.

That isn't to say that the gays don't love her too. In our daydreams, Nina greets us the same way she did Iman. "Welcome to the Elle closet!" *airkisses* Oh honey, that's one closet we'd happily walk into.

Now, when people ask us how they look , we slowly and diplomatically say "There iSS SSomething to be deSSired in the execution," or "You really thought about it." If someone we don't like asks us how they look, we shout "IT'S NOT AESTHETICALLY PLEASING!"

Actually, we don't wait for people to ask us how they look.

Tim's Take

To tide us over until next week's episode, a new Tim's Take is up.

"Could Vincent have been any more smarmy while talking to Catherine Malandrino?

Ohhhhhh, I know. The horrifying thought is that, yes, he probably could have been smarmier."

Read more here.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Note from Malan

"Dearest Tom and Lorenzo,

How are you? I just wanted to let you know I will be auctioning at the Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS fleamarket on Sunday, will you be in the city? I have volunteered with them for the last six years. I lost a very dear friend to AIDS and I told myself after that whatever I could do I would, I feel very strongly about this organisation.

Here is the link.

Please come if you are in town its in Schubert Alley on Broadway, I am auctioning off a fashion consultation with me, as well as some other bits. Other Auctioneers are Cindy Lauper, Allen Cummings, Julia Roberts, etc
It will be amazing fun.

Malan Breton

PS The more money raised the more people that get medicine, food, hospice, etc."

Now, how could we say "no" to that? We're going. Are you?